1TapGuard - The Angry Dog

The best Burglar Alarm System for your iPhone, iPad, iPod

1TapGuard is here to make sure your device is letting you know when someone touches it.

Owning an iPhone is like owning a beautiful house, with a great view: everyone envies you and they all want it. So you need to make sure your watch dogs are well trained, always sharp and paying attention to any possible intruders.

• Detect device movement
• It works even on standby and locked
• It works even when the device is on silent mode
• It can’t be disabled by pressing the Home Button
• Loud dog barks that can alert you
• Auto Deactivate / Reactivate upon incoming call
• Select from the available barking sounds and growling volume
• Change between bark and police sounds
• App Shortcuts, I've never seen something similar on any other App
• eRinTinTin Electronic Dog because this is an electronic device
• Lots of fun with your family and friends too
• Love button, yes we feed ourselves upon your love
• No need to feed and clean a real dog :)

App submitted Thu 15 Nov '12

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