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The volume of information is growing, but sometimes we lack the means to save it. This is when file hosting and file sharing services are useful. By using these services you can not only save information, but also share it with others by giving links to download it. At the moment the most popular service of this kind is DropBox. Although there are other options, like 72dpi.cc for example.

This site has all of the standard features for information sharing. Registration will only take you 5 seconds after which you will be able to login, upload a file and create a link to share it – its that easy and you will not be bothered with any advertising. Files are saved with no time limit, but there is a file size limit – 2 gb per file. And, of course, you cannot upload files that are illegal – these are deleted as soon as the service receives a notification.

With two clicks you can upload images, documents, zip files, etc and generate short links that you can share with other people. They will be able to view your files in browser or download it.

This startup is planning to offer paid accounts with more features this year, although the pricing has not been announced yet. Meanwhile, the service is absolutely free and has a simple interface and nice design.

App submitted Wed 14 Sep '11

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Review posted Thu 6 Oct '11

Catchy name, huh! 72dpi.cc is free storage share tool that allows you to save and share information with others on the net by giving links to download it. It's a fast and exceptionally easy way to store some of the ... Read more