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★★ We are number 3 among top 40 apps in's App Weekender ★★
AirStream lets you stream media content and other files from PC to your Smartphones & Tablets over the wifi network. AirStream also lets you copy important files from PC / laptop or mac to your mobile device. Now, you can do all these without the hassle of wires.
Using AirStream is very easy. Install AirStream PC Suite from this link:
New Updates:
1. Language support for German, French and Japanese.
2. UI change
3. Facebook sharing
4. Music Player
1. Install AirStream PC suite on your PC, Laptop or other devices from here:
2. Please check your firewall. It may block the AirStream PC Suite from working properly.
3. Make sure the devices are on the same wifi network
4. Start AirStream, browse through your files & select the content you want to watch
5. To copy files, long press files & folders.
1. Use MX Player to support most of the formats.
2. Allow AirStream PC Suite through firewall.
1. App Review -
2. We got featured in's App weekender. We are number 3 among top 40 apps along with the likes of Swype Keyboard -
Everytime we find that we have tons of movies on our Computers and we want to watch it on our mobile phone or our tablets, but many times we can't. With Air Stream, we are trying to address this. AirStream allows you to access media over your wifi network using HTTP protocol. Air Stream searches for computers or smartphones connected to the same wifi network and identifies them. It then displays the list of devices available & you can browse to your favourite media content & even share media over wifi. It can also act your remote file browser.
It is somewhat closer to Apple's AirPlay.
♬ Features:
• Stream Movies and Music. Share Photos on facebook from PC.
• Copy files from PC to your Mobile Phones and Tablets without the hassle of wires
• Automatically Identifies computers in your network - support for Windows, Mac & Linux
• Restrict access to your Personal files from your PC
• Its fantastic file browser makes it very easy to browse huge data within few gestures of your finger tips
1. For AirStream to work please install AirStream PC Suite on your computer from here:
2. We came to know that many users are facing problems with streaming .avi files. We recommend you to use MXPlayer as your default video player.
3. Some antivirus/internet security programs/firewall can wrongly detect server application as a security threat. Please add AirStream PC Suite as a trusted application in such programs.
Please contact us as [email protected] for anything, we will get back to you immediately with answers.
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AirStream - Stream PC over Air!

App submitted Fri 31 May '13

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