Alertful for Business

Remind your customers of important events by Email & SMS

Alertful for Business lets you send Email and SMS reminders to your customers. All reminders you send are branded with your logo, colours, images and text so your customers only ever see your brand and not ours. This allows you to get your message across effectively along with any marketing, offers or promotions you want to give your customer at this specific time.

Alertful for Business helps solve the issue of your customers not remembering events such as payment dates, submission dates, appointments or bookings. It also gives you the ability to market to your customers in a very time related way. For example a florist sends a birthday reminder to a man for his wife’s birthday. In the reminder the florist gives a 20% off voucher if the man buys flowers within a week of the reminder date. Chances are he will call up and order flowers because of this. A fantastic way to get in front of customers when they need your service most!

App submitted Tue 10 May '11

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Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11

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