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EasyTrails GPS is the GPS tracker application for your iPhone. The perfect application for those who are passionate about OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and TRAVELING, everybody who likes outdoor sports, and not only. 

★★★★★ BEST OUTDOOR APP 2009 by 148apps.com 
★★★★★ BEST Italian APP 2011 Sport by macitynet.it 
★★★★★ More than 100 weeks at top 10 Sport IT 
★★★★★ More than 14 weeks at overall top 10 IT 

Are you going for a bike or motorcycle ride? Well, EasyTrails GPS will tell you how many miles you traveled, how much time you spent, how high you climbed and many other details. In real-time it will show you the course on a map, comparing it with downloaded tracks and points of interest. You can import or share all tracks and waypoints, photos and ideas for new journeys with your friends. Share where you are on Facebook and Twitter through your GPS position, and export your tracks in standard formats, so you can review them on Google Earth, SportTracks and TrailsRunner. Or simply upload them to online services like Garmin Connect, or many others. It's possible to import tracks by Wi-Fi networks, using an improved and easy to use sharing feature. 

You can also be guided to a point of interest, using the included Digital Compass, associate photos and comments, or use a sound alert that will warn you about nearby waypoints, downloaded from Internet or exported by a friend. Additionally, EasyTrails GPS can communicate with navigators like "TomTom" (if installed) or default iPhone "Maps" for more advanced guidance needs. EasyTrails GPS is easy to use and extremaly accurate. It ensures the maximum duration of battery thanks to the possibility of recording in "StandBy" mode. 

App submitted Wed 9 May '12

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A great outdoor GPS that slips in your pocket

Review posted Fri 18 May '12

As far as GPS tracker applications for iPhone go, EasyTrailsGPS has won a heck of a lot of awards and stayed in the top 10 sports apps list for over 100 weeks. It is considered one of the perfect apps ... Read more