Alley Art

Geometric Paintings
Alley Art for iOS devices brings geometric painting fun to creative sessions or even lazy afternoons. Have you admired geometric art and wished you could create one too? Alley Art makes it fun and easy to create geometric paintings using a variety of shapes, tools and features. Using simple gesture controls, you can quickly place, scale, rotate and/or move shapes on the canvas and produce a masterpiece of your own. To add style to your art, you can also change opacity of shapes, add grunge textures and elegant frames and share it online with family and friends. Alley Art features: A variety of geometric shapes Place, Scale, and Rotate shapes using simple finger gestures Full spectrum of Colors Change opacity/transparency of the shapes Apply Wood and Concrete Textures for a grunge effect Apply beautiful Frames for the final touch Share it on Facebook or Twitter Save as a Jpeg in your iOS device's Photo Gallery Add-Ons: 7 Shapes, 5 Textures, 5 Frames more Alley Art ($0.99) is available for sale now on the iTunes Store and you can also read more about it on our website. A video of Alley Art in action and a couple of screenshots follow below. iTunes: Video: Website:
App submitted Sat 5 Jan '13
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