A smart alarm clock that improves morning routines
AMdroid is a smart alarm clock that improves morning routines. It is fully customizable and adapts to modern-day needs. You can choose how to be notified from an unlimited set of alarm profiles, set up recurring alarms or one-time alarms and even countdown alarms (i.e. for afternoon power naps). By installing AMdroid you will be able to improve your wake-up routines as it offers more features than your standard alarm clock: - Automatically recognizes off-days by downloading a list of public holidays for your country and stays “quiet” for those holidays - No easy snooze to avoid oversleeps. With AMdroid you configure dismiss challenges and post alarm confirmations to be sure that you are awake - Gentle wake up using lower alarm volume that will run before the main alarm to wake you up smoothly - Alarm profiles can be location-aware so those will only go off when you are in a particular area - AMdroid will show statistics based on how you interact with it that allow you to analyze and fine-tune alarm profiles to save time - Specify your optimal sleep amount and AMdroid will notify you when you should get to bed to achieve it. AMdroid is much more powerful than your pre-installed alarm clock and it is available for free on Google Play ( ).
App submitted Mon 2 Jun '14

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