Anime Doctor

World's Largest Anime Encyclopedia on AppStore

No app comes close to providing this level of detailed information from the anime itself, all the way down to the characters!

Pulled Strings introduces Anime Doctor 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, their beautifully designed app that gives you the ability to access and discover decades of extraordinary and inspiring Japanese animation right from the palm of your hands! Over 7,000+ anime, 47,000+ characters with photos and voice actor (seiyuu) photos, 129,000+ episodes, and more! It is fully available in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

App submitted Wed 19 Sep '12

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Review posted Sun 23 Sep '12

No, Anime Doctor isn't a virtual medical app where you can submit your ailments for online appraisal nor is it the home of an online vet. For the uninitiated, Anime began as a Japanese art form from the early part ... Read more