Animoby Standard

Turn iPad into Mobile Classroom, Revolutionize Teaching

AniMoby revolutionizes teaching with an iPad by turning the tablet into a MOBILE CLASSROOM. Speak, write, share... Use AniMoby. AniMoby is an app for iPads that allows users to record voice while using design tools on an interactive whiteboard. This combination makes AniMoby the perfect product for the creation of user-friendly presentations and lessons - which teachers can send to any student with internet connection to view anytime, anywhere. Unlike other interactive whiteboard apps, AniMoby does not use video file formats – so file sizes are small and can be saved/shared with ease. AniMoby also features a clipart library designed to help teachers make lessons. In addition to teachers, folks from a variety of professions can benefit from using AniMoby. Business professionals can create high-quality presentations using an iPad and share to clients and customers across the world. Athletic coaches can use the app's sports templates to design plays for their teams. Artists and simple doodlers can express their freedom of creativity and use AniMoby's many design tools on an open canvas. Two versions of AniMoby are available – AniMoby Pro and AniMoby Standard. AniMoby Pro provides the most enhanced AniMoby experience, and includes unlimited recording durations and access to a larger library of templates and clipart. In the Pro Version, animations can also be sent privately to others, and use of the app is free of advertisements. In the Standard version, recordings are limited to two minutes, the template\clipart library is limited, and advertisements will be featured. AniMoby Pro is now being offered for a one-time payment of $7.99.

App submitted Fri 6 Sep '13

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