Exception Monitoring Built For The Web

Appfail is a cloud-based error monitoring service. It enables organizations to discover, diagnose and track failures in their websites.

Appfail brings rich visual analysis (think Google Analytics) to web site failure discovery and tracking, which has traditionally been very cumbersome, data heavy and ineffective.

By allowing administrators to focus on the failures with the highest business/revenue impact, Appfail aims to save its customers from significant revenue loss due to downtime and lost business.

Appfail’s suite of analytics is designed to help developers and administrators quickly diagnose and address problems. Real-time notifications to email or cell phones allow administrators to know the moment there is a problem.

Appfail’s website integration is seamless and unseen to the end-user. It takes only a couple of minutes to plug in Appfail to monitor your server and browsers for failures. Appfail can monitor web servers built on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform (including WebForms, MVC and Web API).

Unlike most failure monitoring solutions Appfail also supports JavaScript error monitoring. A user’s web browser is the too-often forgotten component. Browser failures often go unnoticed for long periods of time and present cryptic errors to users.

With Appfail an administrator knows every time a user experiences a JavaScript failure in their browser. In addition, Appfail’s intelligent analysis engine helps to match browser errors with possibly related server failures - as the two are often linked.

Organizations have invested significant resources to drive customers and traffic to their web sites, but risk losing them due to unforeseen web site errors. With Appfail’s error detection and in-depth analytics, organizations can now know when their site fails and react quickly, to prevent impact to their business.

App submitted Sun 25 Nov '12

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