Apptivo provides 40+ free business apps on the cloud. Apptivo’s SaaS based platform allows Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), Freelancers, Startups and Independent Professionals manage all aspects of their business using a single login. The 40+ web apps include an Invoicing App, Project Management App, Timesheets App, CRM Apps, eCommerce Apps and even Financials and HR Apps.

Getting started with Apptivo is also extremely easy. The registration process takes 10 seconds and there is no need for a credit card…ever. Once the account is created, businesses can select the apps they want to use and be up and running within minutes. Every App has detailed help videos and help articles to make it extremely easy to get started with managing your business using Apptivo.

App submitted Thu 7 Jul '11

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The best FREE way to run your business.

Review posted Tue 13 Sep '11

It’s difficult to know where to start reviewing this one given the sheer number of apps available on one site. The best way perhaps is to imagine a perfect world where every possible aspect of running your business is covered ... Read more