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Askt App: A new way to journal

Have you ever wanted to start a personal diary?

Askt is agile, smart and free new way to journal. You just need to answer one thought-provoking question each day of the year. Askt allows users to track and compare their answers from previous years. You'll be looking forward to the new question each day! The goal of Askt is to be simple and quick, yet stimulating.

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Askt is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. Askt requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Features of Askt:

1. A different question each day of the year: Askt questions are the same for each year, enabling you to see what your thought process or opinion was from previous years. Askt questions are designed to inspire thought and be fun to answer! Also you can review or edit past answers at any time or pick dates from the past to answer missed questions.

2. Track and compare answers from year to year: Your profile on Askt keeps track of how many questions you have answered, and for how long you have been answering.

3. Share your progress with friends: You will be able to show your progress with friends via Facebook and Twitter!

4. Passcode lock the app and keep your privacy: You can lock the app with your own unique passcode. Set up the passcode in your profile and have complete privacy. Your answers are only for you, we don't share them or see them. You will have total privacy.

Are you ready to journal?

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App submitted Sat 26 Apr '14

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