Audio Footnote

Voice notes for audiobooks and podcasts.

Audio Footnote lets you record voice notes while listening to audio books and podcasts. Record important thoughts, ideas or action steps and recall them later.

Quickly browse your device’s audio books or podcasts from within Audio Footnote. Begin playing your audio program using familiar controls and record your notes as quickly as they come to you! Your notes are saved and sorted according to the program you were listening to, the date and how far into the program you were.


- Listen to the audio books and podcasts you already have on your device

- Audio Footnote knows where your program last left off, no matter what app you were last listening in

- Familiar controls provide flexible and easy playback


- Easily record a voice note or while listening to program

- Program playback automatically stops and resumes after recording


- Notes are saved with date and time stamp letting you sort your notes by the date recorded or the time into your program that the note was taken


- Share your note by sending them via email or email them to yourself for quick backup

Note: If you’d like to use iTunes U podcasts with Audio Footnote, you can do so by changing the Media Kind attribute in iTunes from iTunes U to Podcast. More info at

App submitted Thu 21 Jan '10

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