Avius Insight iPad Survey

The Avius Insight iPad Survey application provides the user with full control over the customer survey, with custom templates allowing the survey to be brought in-line with company branding. The application interfaces with the Avius analytical software to produce simple reports on customer experience.

Using our text feedback, web survey, survey kiosk and ipad survey technologies, you can engage your customer and accurately capture their feedback at various points throughout their interactions with your business.

Our specialised tools for analysis and response ensure that you make the very most of the valuable data, illustrating your commitment to excellence and increasing customer loyalty.

Close to 80 million responses handled by our Survey application on kiosk, mobile, IPad and web platforms.

App submitted Tue 30 Aug '11
Tags survey

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Review posted Sat 17 Sep '11

Usually we rely on feedback taken from a single source. Political polls tend to be based on either a phone survey or by voxpop polling in the local mall. The Avius Insight IPad Survey looks at the survey in a ... Read more