BackgammonAce: Reach the Top of 300 Million People!!

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Enjoy a free, thrilling and speedy head-to-head match-up online with BackgammonAce!

BackgammonAce originates from a world-famous traditional board game called Backgammon, which allows you to enjoy exciting match-ups with computers, friends and other players all around the world, provided with fantastic graphics, a clean user interface and original BGM and sound effects.

Anyone can simply enjoy this game with the guide of our world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) called the “Ace” button, which keeps track of your every move and shows you the best move to take when in need of help. You can also replay all previous match-ups to study the factors that made you win or lose. Your skills are evaluated each time and recorded by the rating system that shows how much you have improved. These special functions will guide you to become the master of BackgammonAce!
And what’s more, you can make all of your moves using just one finger! Want to eat potato chips or popcorn while playing? Sure, why not!

In order to play, all you need to do is to download the app, enter your name and start! Begin the game in just 10 seconds. Facebook and Twitter are also available to sign in. And after finishing one game, you can immediately move on to the next game with another player. You can also take part in other players’ match-ups by watching and betting which player will win.

Now there is no reason for you to hesitate. Let’s begin our journey to the top of BackgammonAce!

App submitted Tue 20 May '14

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Review posted Tue 20 May '14

Along with Go and Chess, Backgammon is reckoned to be one of the oldest games in existence. It was originally thought to have been played about 5,000 years ago and seems to have originated in what today we call Iraq ... Read more