Book Cricket 2012

It's a book which decides your game here.

Do you fancy cricket? Do you still cherish the days of playing cricket under your desk flipping through the pages in your text book with your friends? Well, here is the Book Cricket app to help you play cricket at any time and at any place, of course!

This Book Cricket application tickles your childhood memories of playing cricket with a book. It's a book which decides your game here.

Cricket is one of the most favorite sports across the globe. The popularity of cricket continues to grow with the increasing number of fans worldwide. Many cricket fans have their own cricket tales to pass on to their kids.

Taking the even page numbers of the book as runs, this app has options to select the team, number of overs and choose the toss. The toss winning team either elects to bat or bowl first.

A simple tap on the Flip button allows you to start the batting/bowling. The random page flipped will give you the score. The bowler will take a wicket if the flipped page has a number ending with zero. The batsman scores a six if the page number ends with six, scores a four if it ends with four, scores a single if it ends with eight and a couple if it ends with two.

Once the innings end, the team switch sides and the target is set by the first batting team for the second batting team to chase. On finishing the game, you can share the result in Facebook and Twitter. Book cricket will definitely keep you entertained for hours.

What are you waiting for? Let the fun begins!

App submitted Mon 6 Aug '12

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