Better Customer Engagement Through Improved Collaboration

Brevado creates interactive timelines for sharing your progress with clients. Clients can check on status, be automatically notified of progress made, leave feedback and upload / download files, ensuring that they are always in the loop.

Brevado is designed with your client in mind. Rather than focusing on building a tool for your team to use internally, we came up with something easy to understand and simple to use. Projects are displayed visually on a single page.

The age of the customer is approaching, consumers are choosing who to hire based on customer experience above all. Brevado improves your customer engagement which, in turn, boosts your customer experience while building trust and loyalty.

Brevado can be used by any business that goes through a process typically lasting longer than 1 week. Project based businesses such as web designers, marketers, real estate agents and event planners are perfect examples.

App submitted Thu 12 Sep '13

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