Buddha Mind

Track your meditations, eliminate anxiety, and live a better life.

Buddha Mind is a revolutionary new way to track your meditations. Whether you're new to the practice of meditation or are a meditation devotee, let Buddha Mind assist you with your practice by tracking and managing your mood, anxiety, and heart rate

By wearing a compatible Bluetooth LE Heart Rate monitor, you can track your heart rate variability and measure just how effective your meditations are. Even without a Heart Rate monitor, you can track and manage your mood and anxiety with our breath tracking measurement tool. Use binaural beats to get into an even deeper meditative state. Also, set a timer for your meditations so you don't go over the time you would like to devote to each sitting.

Set the App to play soothing beach sounds while you meditate, or leave it on silent mode. Buddha Mind was designed to make meditation easier, calmer, and more effective than ever.

App submitted Thu 14 Feb '13

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Namaste. Would you like to refine your meditation experience?

Review posted Fri 15 Feb '13

Namaste. Yoga and meditation are now a huge part of many people's lives. There is a Yoga school in even the smallest town and meditation, which used to be laughed at by the general populace, is now part and parcel ... Read more