Bushido Tickets

Bushido Tickets - Issue Tracking Simplified. It works in Seconds.

Bushido Tickets is an issue and bug tracking software that has virtually no learning curve. It is specifically designed for the individual developer and small teams. It combines social media communication with traditional issue and bug management workflows to allow every user to utilize, manage, and project his or her time to the maximum efficiency. Through its easy to use interface, it improves efficiency, productivity, and quality which leads to real world results. Bushido Tickets is the most simple and easy to learn tool to a problem that many do not even know they have – issue and bug tracking.

Bushido Tickets puts the user in control of the software development project by providing the user with the “mission controls” to overlook and keep track of the issues and bugs in the software development process. Bushido Tickets’ main purpose is to empower and enable the user to become the best and most efficient software developer by helping him or her to stay on top of the inevitable issues and bugs that arise throughout any development process.

App submitted Fri 28 Sep '12

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Fast issue and bug tracking for the individual developer

Review posted Fri 28 Sep '12

The thing about applications like this bug and issue tracking application is that most small businesses don't know that they need one until its too late. They tend to think of them as something that large companies do though it's ... Read more