Cameran App

A camera app directed by Mika Ninagawa

Cameran is the first camera app to stylize smartphone photos with designs from a world-renowned artist Inspired Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa, Cameran helps recreate her unique visual perspective. Media Technology Labs, the experimental research arm of Japan’s Recruit Holding Co., Ltd., introduced Cameran, which delivers elegance never before seen in a smartphone camera app. The app provides over 20 adjustable filters that enhance smartphone and tablet photos with a colorful, imaginative style turning ordinary photos into works of art. Vivid filters inspired by the art of Ninagawa – Butterfly, Shower, Balloon, Imitation and more – wrap photos in creative designs and vibrant colors that completely transform the look and personality of the photograph. Additional adjustable filters – Toy 1, Toy 2, Lomo, Beauty, Vintage and Warm – give photos a new story to tell. In addition to stylizing photos, Cameran includes 21 wallpaper designs by Ninagawa, such as Pink Flower, Tropical Fish, Rose in Bloom, Smile, Dream, Gorgeous, and Sunny. When photo creations are shared on social media sites, users unlock additional wallpaper styles to increase their wallpaper collection. Cameran gives users an opportunity to express their style in photos taken from within the app, or existing photos pulled from the library, and all are easily shared across Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Following its launch in Asia, Cameran had more than one million downloads in just 10 days from its introduction. The unique app goes far beyond any filters seen in most popular camera apps today allowing users to turn their favorite or just everyday memories into fun and fantastical works of art. Cameran is available to download for free on Apple iTunes Stores and Google Play.

App submitted Fri 4 Jan '13

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A photographic app that gives style new meaning

Review posted Fri 4 Jan '13

Mika Ninagawa is a multi award-winning Japanese photographer and filmmaker who made a name for herself with her vibrantly colored photographs of goldfish, landscapes and flowers. She went on to make the live action Manga movie "Helter Skelter" as well ... Read more