The Best Collaborative Wiki You've Ever Seen

Organize knowledge assets faster and better in a safe and secure way.

  • Powerful Markup/Editor: Markup editor + toolbar + realtime preview! cctext editor enables you a faster experience than any wysiwyg editor. It supports full keyboard editing, which saves time and improves efficiency.

  • Rich Content Sharing: Upload video/audio/picture files to your page to share them and enrich your content, or even upload a document (pdf/doc/odt/…). “Media Box” enables playing video/audio directly in the page. And “Quick Look” makes a quick preview for your attachment files.

  • Access Control: cctext provides a private enterprise wiki. We organize content and people into workspaces. Only invited people can join in your workspace to view and collaborate. And we are in a secure cloud with the protection of SSL.

  • Friendly to Google Apps users: If your company uses Google Apps, you don’t need to remember another account or password. Just use your company Google Apps account to sign in to any services of cctext. Welcome Google Apps users!

App submitted Fri 16 Oct '09

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