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Citynerary is a travel guide made by travellers for travellers.

On Citynerary users/travellers can search for itineraries other users/travellers uploaded but also create their own itineraries. Itineraries, refered to a unique city, are made up of one or more stages, and are given a title (i.e. “Walking through Kassel”) to better remember it. One stage ist always made up of four information pieces:

  • Place or point of interest. This is the visited place (i.e. Eiffel Tower, Brandenburger Tor…).

  • Duration. How long did the author stay on that place.

  • Cost. How much money did the author spend in that place.

  • Comment. Free text, where the author can write down additional information, tipps, etc. about the place and the stay.

Places must already exist on Citynerary before they can be used in an itinerary. Registered users can also add their own places without restrictions, so that they can be used to build an itinerary. Thus users can add non-official sight-seeings, that cannot be found in other travel guides.

A stage-based itinerary presents a great advantage compared to usual “trip reports”, namely the possibility to easily sort and filter the itineraries by visited sight-seeings, total duration and distance.

Citynerary tries thus to answer questions like: what can I do/see in Berlin in 4 hours and with 20€ on my pocket?

Visitors can also add their own comments to existing itineraries or places, as well upload photos.

App submitted Sat 19 Jun '10
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