Classical Music for Babies

Develop your baby's abilities!

Classical Music for Babies – is an awesome, free application that increases your cognitive skills and boosts your IQ in the most pleasant way! All you have to do is press the play button and enjoy the masterpieces of one of the greatest composer – Mozart.

Scientists at Stanford University, in California, have recently revealed a molecular basis for the "Mozart Effect", but not other music. It’s proven that listening to the Mozart’s compositions presented at differing frequencies help the ear, and promote healing and the development of the brain. Composer’s masterpieces are usually used to improve memory, awareness, and the integration of learning style.

Classical Music for Babies includes 12 albums of Mozart compositions. Each album has specially selected music, to enhance learning, spatial intelligence, creativity and body awareness. The application is filled with special features, such as: background playing mode, package partition, easy controls, additional information on the albums and tracks etc.
This edition of the software is dedicated to parents, children and everybody else who believes that Mozart’s music have a transformational power in health, education, and well-being.

App submitted Thu 14 Jun '12

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