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Classmint is an interactive study notes service.

Classmint aims to make studying easier and fun by introducing interactive study notes. Students can be 5 times more productive claims founders. not only helps to understand the material but also makes it easy to retain for students.

Students find it hard to focus on books and lengthy videos that are part of today's education system in the form of lectures and study materials. One of the most important part of a student's life are the notes that they take during and after the lectures. These notes help them understand key parts of the study material and also revise it better.

Clasmint enables anyone to create annotable, audible, interactive and beautiful study notes for free. The service also maintains automated revision list of study notes to aid in timely revision and spaced repetition.

Classmint ships with Notes Player which plays the study notes audio visually to aid in visual and auditory learning of the study material. Notes play features arrow keys navigation to easily work with the study material.

Classmint notes are based on Cornell Notes format. As per Wikipedia, Cornell Notes format is designed to best synthesize and apply knowledge in real world situations.

Students/Teachers can add text and image explanations thru text and image annotation tools. They can add LaTex formulas, programming code, nested lists and more to create study notes that they love to study with.

Teachers/Students can create or import unlimited study notes. They can keep their notes private or publish and share notes.

Classmint team is working towards build Mobile Apps for Android and iOS to enable students to study from anywhere.

App submitted Tue 27 Aug '13

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Make study and note taking more productive and fun

Review posted Tue 3 Sep '13

Some students are naturals when studying and note taking while others have a few problems maintaining concentration when learning. It's a fact! Some just have those organized minds that can note take and retain information in a logical way but ... Read more