Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting

Cligs Helps You Understand Your Traffic:

  • Does anyone care what you post on Twitter?

  • Which marketing messages work best?

  • Who is clicking on your links?

  • Which email campaign is the best investment?

These are the types of questions anyone working on the web asks. You need to understand what is working and what is not. You need hard data to help you figure out how your marketing message is doing. That is where Cligs helps you!

Cligs keeps track of the following (and more!) in real time:

  • Hits time: when your traffic came in.

  • Geographical location of your visitors: where are your visitors located?

  • Search engine bots: have the search engines found your links? They need to so they can count the link towards your ranking!

  • Social media monitoring: for both the short URL and its destination, Cligs tracks the following:

  • Twitter mentions: Who tweeted about your link?

  • Friendfeeed mentions: Who shared your link on Friendfeed?

  • Blog links: Which blogs wrote about your short URL?

  • Web links: Not just blogs, but all websites: who is linking to you?

  • Blog comments: Who is writing about your short URL in blog comments around the web?

  • Delicious saves: for the destination only, Cligs tracks who saved the link to their delicious account.

  • Referral statistics: which links actually sent you traffic? It is not enough just to know who links to you but to also know who sends traffic!

Geotargeted Destination URLs:

Only on Cligs – no other service does this! – you can provide alternative destinations URLs that different visitors from different countries are forwarded to. This means you can target your marketing and promotions on a per-country basis and capture the value of all the traffic going through your links! This is a great feature for marketers who need local focus like affiliate marketers and real-estate agents.

Search Engine Friendly:

Cligs is 100% search engine friendly. We do NOT block any robots/bots/crawlers/spiders (whatever you want to call them). Also, Cligs uses 301 forwarding which is the most search engine friendly forwarding method recommended by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

App submitted Wed 2 Dec '09

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