Watch all your favorite news channels on ClipWiz

ClipWiz is a new iPhone and iPad app that takes the traditional concept of a TV guide and revolutionizes it for online news videos. This app provides news videos organized by channel and timeline making it as easy as watching TV.

What makes ClipWiz unique from other news apps is the focus on discovery of other news channels based on the user’s viewing history. Conceptually, you can think of ClipWiz as the Flipboard for videos with an easy to use TV guide format with a focus on discovery of other channels.

App submitted Sat 8 Mar '14

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The perfect app for news junkies

Review posted Sat 15 Mar '14

Here's one for all you news junkies out there like me. ClipWiz is a brand new and rather unique news and entertainment application for iOS that lets you better organize and simplify your video news watching. It takes the concept ... Read more