CloudBase Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Simplified

CloudBase Inventory Management, as the name implies, puts your inventory in the cloud. There is no need to download any software or to keep any local databases. Your inventory and transactions are securely maintained and backed up daily. You can access and modify your inventory as well as sell and purchase your products from any location by simply opening up a browser.

The mission of CloudBase is to help businesses thrive through technology, and the goal is to help you manage your inventory more easily. Your business means a lot to you, and with that in mind we set out to design our product in such a way that is really simple and intuitive to use. We want you to be productive right away, without any time wasted on training. Our software is easy to use, but that doesn't mean it has to be less powerful. Basically, our inventory software has everything you need to run your business at the best level. As you start using CloudBase Inventory Management, you will see how many great things you can do! Who says business software can't be made beautiful? We want you to feel happy when you use our software, because happy people produce better results, a fact. In other words, we want you to be as productive with our software as possible.

CloudBase Inventory Management lets you integrate barcode. If the product you scanned is a new one, the software will add it as a new one, and if it is already in the system, the software will automatically increment the current stock value of that product. Automatic recognition of barcodes will dramatically increase speed and accuracy when adding and selling items.

Our system is also an online Point of Sale software because of the fact that you can scan or enter the barcode of an item into the system. This means there will be no need for expensive hardware or software, saving you a lot of money while still selling products to customers.

App submitted Fri 27 Sep '13

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Review posted Sun 29 Sep '13

CloudBase Inventory Management Software is, as is suggested, a way of keeping track of your inventory and knowing how much it s worth but without the need to download any expensive software or keep a detailed database as everything is ... Read more