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Coda is a collaborative creative writing platform.

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Creative writing is satisfying. Collaborative creative writing is fun. Collaborative creative writing on Coda is pure bliss. Better clear your schedule. "Coda isn't the first app for writers, but it might be the best one yet on iOS." - FastCompany Labs Specially designed for iPhone, this app transports you to the writing world in a totally new way via your mobile device. Download now and start creating a masterpiece! “Anyone looking to expand their creative writing skills and overcome a little writer’s block may want to check Coda out.” - CODA FEATURES • collaborate with other writers • write ‘solo’ if you choose to • contribute to other Coda authors • buy pro to create your own literature • decide what words to accept or reject • choose when to publish your finished piece • chat about a piece with other members • follow writers that you love • gain followers of your writing • invite others to a new writing • ‘like’ published or in-progress writing • get accolades for your actions in Coda • share updates on twitter 5/5 “...Coda adds a richness and enjoyment to my experience of writing.” – RevBee Create any kind of literature, in any genre you like whether it’s a haiku, short-story, a novella or your own invention with the in-app pro pack! 5/5 “Coda is a great way to wordsmith a story, poem, or whatever resides in the dark recesses of your mind...” – Braincloud™ What moves you? Rhyme or verse? Put it out there and see what great twists and turns can happen when others add to what you started. 5/5 “What a cool way to explore creative writing!” – Kledbett You are Editor-in-chief: decide on the direction by choosing what gets added, or cut. Invite your friends to download Coda and start writing with you. 5/5 “You never know which way your story may go, but with Coda it's always up to you!” – Mybluecrush INTEGRATE CODA INTO YOUR WRITING LIFE • contribute and try out any of your ideas • pair off with another writer and take turns • create a writer’s circle with a group of Coda users • use Coda in the classroom with students • communicate with authors via chat • be inspired and entertained • develop your writing chops 5/5 “I really like the concept and encourage all artists to give it a try!” – Sara Engel PLEASE NOTE Coda is totally free to get started, however, it currently relies on Twitter authentication for signup and authorization. We are hard at work getting Facebook authentication added very soon! 5/5 “More fun than Flappy Bird!” – Rootfindr About the developers: We’re a small, privately-funded team, dedicated to making Coda the best collaborative creative writing platform out there. Please let us know what you think. Contact us at! HOW TO USE CODA • launch Coda and browse the list of writings • tap on a piece in the list to read it • think about what you want to add • tap on the pencil icon and write something • *pro tip – use the microphone to dictate your content • click the checkmark in the upper right corner to submit • wait and see if your piece gets accepted • try again with a new piece, or the same one again
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