College Registry

Save For College By Tapping Into the Power of Friends and Family

College is expensive--and getting worse. If you're a parent of a baby or young child, you may be looking at a bill of $300k+ when they're ready to go to school! How can the average parent save enough to pay for college?

College Registry is the answer. We help parents meet their savings goals by enabling contributions from friends and family. We also provide a unique set of planning and tracking tools to help parents establish a savings plan to meet the anticipated cost of their kid's college dreams. Get started today--College Registry is free!

App submitted Sat 7 Jul '12

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Let your family and friends help put your child through college

Review posted Mon 9 Jul '12

If you've got young kids and you are planning on putting them through college at some point you might want to put down that Sudoku puzzle now and pay attention because this is a brilliant idea. College Registry is an ... Read more