For knowledge-intensive collaboration online

Comindwork is online project management software that includes:

  • Project Management: Creating project tasks, build schedule, Gantt charts, milestones, project risks, manage issues

  • Collaboration and Blog: Enable structured and informal communication about the project issues, tasks and opportunities

  • Tickets and Issues: Ability to create and assign tasks, issues, bug reports. Tracking progress, collaboration and customization of the workflows

  • Estimates and Time Tracking: Allow tasks estimates, progress monitoring, time tracking reports, workload maps across the team

  • Enterprise Wiki: Co-editing content, sharing knowledge, online document management, team memory, project requirements

  • Project and Team Dashboards: Using convenient project and personal dashboards to keep “bird view” and personal work on track.

  • Categories and Tagging: Advanced wiki features for content linking and tagging to keep team memory organized

  • Email Notifications and RSS: Guaranteed awareness about project and team events by email notifications and via RSS feeds

  • Advanced Search: Immediate search through all content – tasks, pages, requirements, team, blogs

  • Report and Charts: Comprehensive reporting and chart. Rich visualization of the project status and team workstream

  • Team and Roles: Project-based team roles, contacts, responsibilities and organization. Roles-based permissions for workflows and wiki pages

  • Total customization: Ability to customize totally everything – dashboards, issues fields, workflows, notifications, visual appearance

  • Usability: User interface is polished during years of use by various audiences

  • Administration: Providing easy-to-use administrating features for user management, mass-operations, migration of data

  • Integration: A number of integrations with external systems available: MS Exchange, SVN, OLAP, CCNET

  • Files Storage: Files storage for versioned code storing (SVN), wiki files linking.

App submitted Tue 2 Oct '07

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