Commercial Break

Break free from TV commercials

Developed by Israeli startup veterans Haim Kairy and Eli Ben-David, Commercial Break delivers automatic, real-time alerts every time your program comes back from commercials. (Its unique algorithms analyze dozens of cues from audio and video signals, 40 times per second, to distinguish between advertisements and programs.)

At launch, it will be available on 10 channels, all accessible to New York City residents*: ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, NBC, TNT, TBS, USA.

FYI, here is an explainer cartoon that breaks it down: (pw: 314159)

*Note: while all ten channels are available for use in NYC, national channels such as CNN, ESPN and ESPN2 are also available nationwide. (Commercial Break plans to expand to 5 major markets by late-2014.)

App submitted Thu 1 Aug '13

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