Confetti HD

One-Two-Three Confetti are flying! Look, catch, collect!

Promo code (Confetti HD): KRKRPFNAXW7K

Confetti is a fast-paced action and fun game. A little bit of logic, a bit more attention and victory will be yours. You will have to think fast because you have only one minute for the round and you'd better not waste your precious time.

One has to gain the most points by collecting the right cards. Each card has three circles on it of different size and color. A small, medium and big circleof the same color is a set - this grants 1 victory point. So to get one point, you will need three different cards with circles of one color and different size. Since all cards have three circles of different color, you canget more points by combining them, for example gain two points on four cards or four points on five cards.

The best combination is 3 points on three cards. This is so called full set. You can complete two full sets during one round an gain 6 points.

App submitted Tue 15 Jan '13

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