Collect the things you want. Save money.
Connoissumer is a new kind of deal and shopping site. As you shop, you can add your favorite items to your Connoissumer wish list. Once an item is on your wish list, Connoissumer will let you know when it goes on sale. Connoissumer also makes it easy to see what your friends are saving up to buy. It’s simple to follow anyone you’d like and their products will get added to your ‘Following’ feed. Likewise, anyone on Connoissumer can also follow you. But what if what you’d like to buy is for someone else? By the time you’re reading this we will have implemented private items that only the creator can see. Borrowing from the Twitter paradigm for it’s ease of use, when you save a product on Connoissumer simply add @name to your comment to alert about the product. Your lists are also easy to manage through the user of #hashtags. With Connoissumer, we hope you’ll no longer be hunting for the deal, instead the deal will come to you. We think we can make shopping more fun (or as fun as it can be depending on your point of view) by focusing on finding things you actually want and worrying about price later (and not by putting it on a credit card).
App submitted Sat 13 Jul '13

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