Coupons at Checkout

Coupon savings without searching

Coupons at Checkout automatically brings coupon code savings directly to your shopping cart while you shop online. The lightweight browser extension aims to save you both time and money by eliminating the need to search for coupon codes while you are checking out at any of your favorite online retailers.

It works by showing you a list of coupon codes when you interact with a promotion code box during checkout. Simply click a coupon code and apply it to your order to receive a discount. You'll no longer have to interrupt your shopping experience to search for coupons! No more copying and pasting codes either!

Coupons at Checkout uses patent pending technology to deliver you coupon codes just-in-time during your checkout process. It is backed by the robust database of real-time coupon codes from over 100,000 online e-commerce websites across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The extension is simple and lightweight so it won't slow your browser down. No toolbar or additional features that would bloat your browser. The extension is free to download, and supports Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. No registration or personal information is required to download it.

Summary of top features:
* Automatic Savings - Coupons are displayed automatically for you during checkout. Enter any code with a single click.
* Silent Until Needed - It is not a toolbar. It is simple and unobtrusive so it won't get in your way.
* Simple Reminders - Ever forget to check for a coupon? The extension illuminates the coupon code box in red so you know to click on it to check for coupons.
* Share Your Savings - When you find a working coupon code, you are given the opportunity to share it with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

App submitted Tue 25 Dec '12

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Review posted Wed 26 Dec '12

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