Coverfeed for Facebook: explore your friends through photos

A brand new Facebook experience: fast, fun and with gorgeous looks.

Coverfeed is a completely redesigned Facebook app that brings your friends closer wherever you go. It's fast, fun and has gorgeous design.

* Coverfeed has the courage to give you a radically better Facebook experience.

* The unified timeline lets you see your friends info, latest status and browse their photos from a single view.
It automatically filters and flows your Facebook feed stories into a great-looking layout that's fun and fast to flip through.

* The UI is just as radical as the idea, with fluid animation and silky-smooth touch interaction.

* Always see meaningful, beautiful stories. No spam, adds or game invites.

* Apply artistic effects to transform your photos into brilliant works of art that you want to share with your friends and family. It's easy and fun!

✔ Edit any photo you like on Facebook and share it with your friends and family.

✔ See all your liked pages in one view. Their photos too.

✔ Coverfeed is designed to also work offline. Browse through your friends, pages and photos even when no internet connection is available.

✔ One-tap access to all your favorite Facebook menus: chat, birthdays, events, groups, privacy settings and more.

App submitted Fri 19 Apr '13

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