CrazyBox is a platform game for Android with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and addictive gameplay.
"CrazyBox" features an unique design with hand-drawn environments and an addictive gameplay that will put your mind and hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test. "CrazyBox" has 25 levels that grow exponentially in difficulty and where the only certainty is that you will die a lot and most likely fast. Here's what makes CrazyBox the new addictive platformer in town: - Uniquely designed environments, obstacles and characters that help you focus on the goal - Ludicrously easy controls where you only have to tap and keep CrazyBox up in the air - Ingenious puzzles that require you to defy gravity changes or collect items to remove obstacles - 25 difficult levels that you can play, though odds are you'll never reach the last level - Action-paced soundtrack and sounds to match the gameplay - Death counter and average deaths per level statistics With "CrazyBox" you measure your performance in death-tolls. The game is available for free on Google Play ( ).
App submitted Fri 13 Jun '14
Tags android game

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