Cuebox : The Real 3D Pool

First ever billiards game in 3D played without gravity

Promo code (Cuebox : The Real 3D Pool): TMN9L6AK99HR

Cuebox introduces the whole new dimension of fun. Literally! It is the first 3D pool game with zero gravity. Play Cuebox in beautiful HD graphics and discover the dimension of billiards you have never encountered before! Compete against a friend or in single player mode playing classic 8-ball and 9-ball games that are extended to three dimensions!


* Billiards without gravity in 3D.

* Beautiful HD graphics with retina support.

* Play with friends in Pass and Play mode.

* Single player option with 3 AI difficulty levels.

* Classic 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules, just extended by extra dimension.

* 3D-Ball - special edition of 8-Ball with more balls , better suited for 3D tables.

* 4 cameras used for aiming: main 3D view and 3 supporting : top, front and side.

* 6 tables with different shapes, sizes and location of the pockets.

* Customize game looks selecting table themes and balls style.

* Simple controls resembling typical pool games.

* Adjust touch sensitivity.

* Apply handicap with 5 aiming lines lengths.

* 6 camera movement modes to show the table after shot.

* Fish-eye option that gives interesting visual effect.

* Statistics displaying progress of your game, including accuracy.

App submitted Fri 22 Nov '13

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