Customer Thermometer

The one click, real time customer satisfaction survey delivered by email.

Traditional methods of measuring client satisfaction makes it difficult for the customer or client and easy for the supplier. So most customers avoid doing it, and you lose customers without even knowing it.

Want to know what your customers really think of you? Send them a Customer Thermometer instead.

Your customers get a traffic light email and click one button. That’s it. Just one click; they carry on with their day. You get instant feedback on how they feel and follow up appropriately. Simple! But devastatingly effective.

Sign up now for your free account and you could be using Customer Thermometer today to find out what your customers are REALLY thinking.

App submitted Thu 28 Apr '11

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A thermometer that won't make your eyes water - customer satisfaction

Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11

Anything that cuts out those long winded customer satisfaction surveys has to be a good thing. This app aims to make the procedure more acceptable to customers which at the same time should ensure the collection of more accurate response data.In fact ... Read more