The Resume Specialists
CVsIntellect is a free online resume builder that helps you create jaw-dropping, killer resumes that never fail to impress, within minutes. With several years' business experience, we provide a uniquely refreshing approach to the way resumes are made. We seek to present exceptional resume formats & resources that professionals will appreciate. We envisaged the concept of CVsIntellect with the vision of empowering the job-seekers with professionally formatted resumes. We are a start-up - young, ambitious, energetic, full of novel ideas & focused on solving the universal problem of resume making & thereby creating value in the job search process. We run on Google App Engine & Amazon EC2 for scalability & security. Hot Features: * Single page application * Variety of templates to choose from * Provision for importing LinkedIn profile * Wysiwyg editor * Provision for selecting & adding custom sections * Rich Configuration Panel * Drag and Drop to re-arrange sections * E-Mail CVs directly *Use of latest (LaTeX + Cloud + SPA) technology * OAuth login (Google, Facebook) * Secure - (We use 256 bit SSL encryption for all data transfer Further, we are hosted on Google server, so we are incredibly secure) * Most of our code is made open source. * Its free!
App submitted Tue 13 Aug '13

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