Damn Bugs

Simpler software testing

Damn Bugs is a free hosted bug tracker designed by testers for highly productive software development teams.

We've designed Damn Bugs to be extremely easy to use (even for clients) yet thorough and flexible enough for the most demanding development teams. Never again will your programers complain that a bug report was incomplete or unclear.

We've also built browser extensions that allow testers to enter clear bug reports with screenshots in just two clicks.

With standardized bug reports, useful project charts to track progress and timely email notifications, your team will love Damn Bugs.

App submitted Sun 29 Jun '14

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Simple and efficient bug testing designed by testers for testers and their developer friends

Review posted Wed 2 Jul '14

No, Damn Bugs is not the name of a game that is set to conquer the likes of Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. It's a free and easy-to-use bug tracking and project management application that has been designed by ... Read more