Date Night Is...

A dating experience designed for couples.

Date Night is a million things to a million different couples. But there’s one common thread we’ve discovered across couples everywhere. Once you’re dating – once you’ve reached the point in your relationship where you start talking about us and we – you stop going out on dates. Candle-lit dinners become take-out containers and theatre tickets become DVD mailers. Date Night gives way to the ease and simplicity of routine.

We’re here to bring Date Night back.
It’s time for an evening out that was actually planned in advance. It’s time to try something new together – something that fuels your sense of adventure and discovery. Hire a babysitter. Take a class. Party on a school night. Dress to kill, for no good reason but that you can. It’s time to start dating one another, again.

So, what is Date Night Is…?
Our goal is to create a service that’s useful but subtle – more “friendly tap on the shoulder” than “pushy used car salesman.” From occasional reminders that it’s time to plan a Date Night to help orchestrating the perfect evening and perhaps even double Date Nights, we’re building a number of services and products, both digital and real-world, to put Date Night back on the calendar for couples everywhere.

App submitted Wed 20 Feb '13
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