Development made transparent.

Devizan's fully-integrated tools make it easy for a software developerment team to collaborate while working anywhere in the world, and Devizan includes management tools that aren't available in traditional IDEs.

Devizan emphasis is on development transparency. The management team can look at any document or project's state at any point in history, or view changes made during the development and maintenance phases. Without relying upon old-fashioned screenshots or keyboard logs, Devizan delivers management-level information, including work breakouts and time estimates, for changes that have been made to the system under development.

Devizan features a web-based integrated development environment (W-IDE) that makes software development collaborative. The IDE supports syntax highlighting, multi-cursor collaborative editing, and built-in FTP for fast and easy uploads. The IDE is browser-based, and includes linear revision controls and edit history.

Unlike traditional version-control systems that require checking programs in and out, Devizan employs atomically continuous merging, so all developers work in the current copy of the source code. The integration regimen makes it easy to see where one programmer left off and another programmer began. The software's preview function makes it simple to test changes to the code, and rollback the code to a known point if a problem is detected.

Managers can stay as close to the development effort as they choose. Devizan can alert the management team every time a change is made. The progressive code review, task lists, built-in chat system, and status updates keep managers in the loop.

Devizan uses Amazon AWS servers housed in highly secure data centers. The deployment environment can be customized to fit each project's needs. Resources are fully scalable, so users pay for only the resources that they use.

App submitted Wed 11 Dec '13

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