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Doublelinx provides a safe environment to buy and/or sell online marketing services. Doublelinx also provides a top notch order management system for online marketing providers.

Doublelinx uses an escrow account between the buyer and seller. When the seller does a great job, the buyer approves, and we credit the funds into the seller's account. No monthly fees, but Doublelinx Sellers are manually approved by our Doublelinx staff to ensure quality. If there is an online marketing service that's awesome - sell here.

Example Listing:

Use reviews, questions, and ratings to make an education decision before you purchase. Manage all your invoices, reports, and communication in one place. Increase your website visibility - through

App submitted Fri 13 Jul '12

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Review posted Fri 13 Jul '12

There are plenty of horror stories about using online services but, in reality, most business dealings work just as well online as they do on Main Street. One of the biggest problems lies with not knowing who to trust and ... Read more