Download Meter

Download Meter for 3G/LTE & Wi-Fi - track and reduce spending on mobile internet

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Download Meter for Wi-Fi / 3G/ LTE" on your site! This app will help you to stay within your prescribed data plan on iPhone and iPad. You will easily save $15-$30 every month! The app displays a warning when the user is about to exceed the limits imposed by the previously purchased data plan. Also the continuing percentage of your data plan used is clearly displayed on the app icon.

The app does not access your carrier's website to acquire statistics. It updates your statistics with up-to-byte precision in real time.

This is a universal app - buy once, run everywhere, including iPhone5 and iPad Mini! It costs only $2 while iPad-only clones cost $7.

Download Meter is available in 13 languages, and works on all Apple devices with iOS version 4.3 and above.

App submitted Mon 17 Dec '12

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