Record & Explore with DreamTagTell!

‘DreamTagTell’ is a new dream diary app for recording your dreams. As you type, words featured in the built-in, searchable dictionary are identified so you can view the interpretation. I am sure we have all woken up wondering what our dreams could mean! Its unique feature is that you can log in using Facebook, which connects to your friends list, so you can tag any friends you have dreamt about and you then have the option to share the dream with them. Tagging within the app creates a ‘Dream Tag’, this does not mean it will tag the friend on Facebook, unless you want it to; therefore it is completely private unless you wish to share your dreams. There are various ways to review your dreams including by date on a calendar or by popular things you dream about. Plus you can find out if friends are dreaming of you (if they tag and share their dream with you). Is the person of your dreams dreaming of you!
Available from 24th April on iPhone and iPad in the USA and UK.

App submitted Wed 23 Apr '14

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Record and interpret your dreams as you type

Review posted Sun 27 Apr '14

It's kinda rare for me to remember my dreams at night past that first ten minutes when I wake up in the morning. It seems so vivid at first but then it just seems to disappear as your mind grasps ... Read more