Drag & drop to share media

In cyberspace, our various media files are distributed among many different online services. We all share our everyday experiences with our loved ones, friends and families, through our personal media (pictures and videos). The management of every day personal media has become tedious and time consuming task. Transferring media files between multiple web services currently requires downloading files to personal computers and than uploading them again, to the desired service.

Dropico designed to change that. With Dropico, people can simply drag & drop pictures from one service to another without the upload time – it all happens in a single working environment. It can be any picture that you, or your friends uploaded to one of these services before: Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic, Myspace, Photobucket, and Bebo. You can easily copy pictures from friends albums directly to your service account or any other service.

Once you opened Dropico, it enables you to manage all of your albums from a single interface. Beside the fact that you can drag & drop pictures across multiply platforms, you can create albums, copy or delete pictures, load your PC files, and import files from Internet addresses. Additionally, Dropico intend to backup all of your files so you won’t have to be worried about losing them ever again.

App submitted Mon 5 Oct '09

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