Comical Platform for accelerated learning of Physics, Chemistry and Maths

dvBYdt.com is started with a sole focus of presenting physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology in a comical style such that students get the concepts easily and remember for a long time.

The USP of dvBYdt.com is to present trickier concepts in physics, chemistry, and maths in comical manner easier to grasp for average students who spend quite a considerable time on the net. There are related startups which present the concepts as presented in text book which may not be of much use for an average student who anyways does not love the subject such as physics, maths.

The website is created to facilitate fun-based learning using web platform as many students are up on the internet and spend a considerable amount on the net on websites for social networking, videos etc. Thus, if some of these time could be spent on something fun such as comics and they also get to know some concepts present with relevance of comical strips, we at dvBYdt.com would be very happy that our job is done.

We do believe that education system also need to be represented on net in a unique manner so that students could grasp things easier and the learning is on..! As mostly every one has got digital life on the net, there is a need to provide education in a fun-based easy manner.

We are on it. It is indeed a very difficult task to present concepts in comical manner, but our intention is good and we hope that we could reach out to as many students as possible and help them learn quickly.

We would extend it for students of all level/classes once we are done for high school students.

App submitted Sun 22 May '11

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