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EarthBuzz Weather is with certainty the most amazing 3D weather app for iPad, animating a mash-up of real time satellite data, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, current weather conditions and your Facebook and Twitter friends.

EarthBuzz Weather is one of the highest rated and perhaps currently one of the most obscure Weather apps for Apple’s iPad on the iTunes App Store. It is a hidden gem so to speak, for which the category of weather application belies the true nature of this beautiful piece of 3D software artwork.

EarthBuzz Weather is a completely unique app that blends a journey of earth discovery with social networking data and near real-time animated satellite clouds, current weather conditions, weather forecasts and global geological events.

See your friends and loved ones on a beautifully rendered 3D globe featuring a 160 megapixel rendition of NASA’s Blue Marble Earth Imagery and an overlay of live satellite clouds. View an animation of the last 8 hours of cloud activity updated at hourly intervals. EarthBuzz Weather integrates with Twitter and Facebook and allows you to check in, tweet and post about important earth events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes.

On the technology side, EarthBuzz engine uses a sophisticated tiling technique innovated by NASA. Instead of using rectangular tiles in Mercator projection, like other Earth software, the EarthBuzz Engine uses a technique known as Tessellated Octahedral Tiling. In addition EarthBuzz adds the capability to view animated overlays of real-time data making it quite unique in terms of a combination of virtual earth software and weather application.

EarthBuzz Weather will appeal to weather buffs, data visualization and 3D enthusiasts, pilots, teachers, travellers and anybody with an interest in our beautiful planet. You will truly love this app and it is a great way to show off the awesome GPU power of the latest iPad 4th gen and iPad Mini.

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App submitted Wed 23 Jan '13

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