Easy Pill

Advanced Daily Pill Tracker with iCloud Support

If you need to track your prescriptions and remember when to take your drugs, EASY PILL will make it simple and convenient without filling unnecessary options.

EASY PILL is first pill tracker with iCloud support! Control your medicine from different iOS devices!


- Local notifications - no internet connection required (iOS4 and later)
- The fastest pill setup in just a few clicks
- Visually edit pill schedule by tapping and moving dose time
- Visually see your pills for a day
- The fastest take dose action - just single tap on your pill
- iCloud sync between your iOS devices (iOS5 and later)
- Ability to change alert message
- Passcode protection
- Archive to store finished pills and repeat courses
- Quick link to search your pills in Safari

To set up your pill you don't have to be a programmer!
Just answer three simple questions:
- how often you take it
- how many times per day
- how many days

EASY PILL is still powerful tracker and has different modes:
- every X days
- every X hours (in a day)
- as needed

Course duration can be set from 1 day to 1 Year or constantly.

App submitted Fri 11 May '12

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