Now you can save the file on your phone and control the screen with your phone.

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You can send the file saved in your phone to PC, as well as change screens, write, take photos, etc. --- Applied Functions --- 1. Insert text with pen or by hand : Writing on the phone screen by hand or with a pen will automatically display the written text on the PC screen. 2. Detects pen pressure : Detects the same amount of pressure when writing with a pen to realize natural writing. 3. Turning pages : Changes PC screen on the phone. Turning the screen to the next page allows you to go back and view the previously written screen. 4. Photo taking function : Taking photos of things or persons that you need for presentations will cause these images to immediately appear on the PC screen. 5. Viewer function : You can remotely open saved files with your phone. 6. Download PC file/send phone file : Once connected, all files can be saved on the phone and can be sent to PC. Etc. Message that helps using sharer, etc. to allow connecting to the PC program was added. 3. Homepage - Operate EasyPPT.exe file on PC. Clicking Open/PC file - Select the PPT file and wait until a new window opens. - Check Download PC File from your phone and connect to the IP shown on the PC. Clicking Download/phone file - Check Send Phone File from your phone and connect to the IP shown on the PC. When connection is complete, click on Watch Whole Screen from PC and control it with your phone.

App submitted Mon 17 Dec '12

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